White’s Automotive: What to do when your car is having issues

In my last blog, I compared Computerized Diagnostics to going to the doctor. This comparison hopefully explained the diagnostic procedure to where it’s easier to understand. Now I want to do that again and explain how more than one problem can give the same symptom. In this example, let’s pretend you have a limp on […]

Why Does it Cost So Much to Correct a ‘Check Engine’ Light?

Many might wonder, “Why does it cost so much to correct a ‘check engine’ light?” In our last article, we looked at what car codes are and what a check engine light really means. Since the engine light diagnostic process can be a bit technical, it can be described using a simple analogy that most […]

Check Engine Light: What Does it Mean?

Everyone hates to start their car and see the dreaded check engine light come on. By the end of this article, I hope to help you understand the process it takes to correct this problem. I also would like to bust the myth that there is a machine that you plug into the vehicle that […]

Buying a Used Car? Always Check These 4 Things

Whether you’ve decided to buy your very first car or you want to exchange your current vehicle for something else, a used car can save you thousands of dollars. A gently used vehicle offers smart value by giving you the performance and reliability you need without the new-car price tag. Unfortunately, these prospective bargains can […]