5 Signs Your Auto Air Conditioning Unit Needs Repair

Air conditioning is crucial during the sweltering heat in the summer, whether in your home or car. But auto AC is more than just comfort since it’s a safety factor too. For instance, when you stay in a hot car without AC, even for a short amount of time, you may feel dehydrated and irritable, […]

4 Engine Idling Behaviors That May Spell Trouble

As a car owner, you might worry about discovering a mechanical problem as you drive. But one common symptom of possible trouble involves changes in the way your car’s engine idles while braked or parked. Since unusual idling performance can occur for a variety of reasons, you should understand this symptom so that you can […]

3 Cold-Weather Considerations for Drivers

Cold weather poses many challenges for drivers, not only due to hazardous road conditions but also in terms of their vehicles’ performance. If you ignore this potential for trouble, you could find yourself stranded in your driveway or along the side of the road. Fortunately, you can take steps to keep your car working at […]

Frequently Asked Questions About Heater Core Problems

When temperatures cool down, the heater core in your car can help you remain comfortable. This component interacts with the vehicle’s compressor assembly to give you ready access to warm air, which you can then use to heat your cabin or moderate the chill coming from your air conditioning system. Unfortunately, heater cores can develop […]

4 Possible Reasons Your Car Is Throwing Misfire Codes

If you regularly use an OBD (On-Board Diagnostic) reader to diagnose engine performance issues, you likely dread finding a misfire code. Codes in the P0300 range all signify the presence of a misfire, whether recurrent or random, but they don’t usually specify the root cause of the issue. Once you have a code, you have […]

3 Common Ignition Failure Points on Modern Vehicles

Every internal combustion engine requires a few fundamental elements to function. While your engine won’t work without air, fuel, and proper compression, the spark is the flame that sets the whole process in motion. On a gasoline engine, your spark plugs use an electrical charge to ignite the combustion mixture with each cycle of the […]

3 Bad Driving Habits That Affect Your Car’s Health

Most car owners want to protect the substantial investment they’ve made in that key transportation tool. However, even scrupulous attention to the owner’s manual and timely service inspections cannot protect your car from the person behind the wheel. Unwise driving habits can lead to unexpected wear or even breakdowns. Once you recognize which of your […]

Driving Less These Days? Maintain Your Car Anyway

During these days of social distancing and work-from-home precautions, many people drive significantly less than they once did. If you fall into that group, you might assume that the fewer miles you put on your car, the less you need to worry about maintaining it. In reality, however, long periods of inactivity can do a […]