White’s Automotive: What to do when your car is having issues

In my last blog, I compared Computerized Diagnostics to going to the doctor. This comparison hopefully explained the diagnostic procedure to where it’s easier to understand. Now I want to do that again and explain how more than one problem can give the same symptom. In this example, let’s pretend you have a limp on […]

Why Does it Cost So Much to Correct a ‘Check Engine’ Light?

Many might wonder, “Why does it cost so much to correct a ‘check engine’ light?” In our last article, we looked at what car codes are and what a check engine light really means. Since the engine light diagnostic process can be a bit technical, it can be described using a simple analogy that most […]

Check Engine Light: What Does it Mean?

Everyone hates to start their car and see the dreaded check engine light come on. By the end of this article, I hope to help you understand the process it takes to correct this problem. I also would like to bust the myth that there is a machine that you plug into the vehicle that […]

Buying a Used Car? Always Check These 4 Things

Whether you’ve decided to buy your very first car or you want to exchange your current vehicle for something else, a used car can save you thousands of dollars. A gently used vehicle offers smart value by giving you the performance and reliability you need without the new-car price tag. Unfortunately, these prospective bargains can […]

Driving an Older Vehicle? Here Are 4 Smart Tips

The COVID-19 pandemic has compelled financially-pressed car owners to hang onto their vehicles for an average of 11.9 years, longer than ever before. Even before the pandemic, however, American drivers took advantage of advances in vehicle quality and technology to keep their cars on the road for over a decade. Whatever reason you might have […]

5 Signs Your Auto Air Conditioning Unit Needs Repair

Air conditioning is crucial during the sweltering heat in the summer, whether in your home or car. But auto AC is more than just comfort since it’s a safety factor too. For instance, when you stay in a hot car without AC, even for a short amount of time, you may feel dehydrated and irritable, […]

4 Engine Idling Behaviors That May Spell Trouble

As a car owner, you might worry about discovering a mechanical problem as you drive. But one common symptom of possible trouble involves changes in the way your car’s engine idles while braked or parked. Since unusual idling performance can occur for a variety of reasons, you should understand this symptom so that you can […]

3 Cold-Weather Considerations for Drivers

Cold weather poses many challenges for drivers, not only due to hazardous road conditions but also in terms of their vehicles’ performance. If you ignore this potential for trouble, you could find yourself stranded in your driveway or along the side of the road. Fortunately, you can take steps to keep your car working at […]